The Power of Pendants – Symbolism and Meaning

The Power of Pendants – Symbolism and Meaning

For thousands of years, jewellery has held great importance for humans.  It has played a key role in how we connect to others, show love and commitment, communicate beliefs, and express ourselves. 

Since ancient Egyptian times, amulets and talismans have been worn to bring good fortune and protection while fairy tales and myths are full of magical jewels and powerful symbols.  Cultural groups wear similar symbols to create a sense of belonging and, if choosing a present for a loved one, a particular symbol can have deep meaning.  But just what do those symbols really mean?

The Lotus Flower

For centuries, the lotus flower has been a symbol of growth and rebirth. It is considered a sacred flower across many cultures. Rising with the morning sun from its muddy waters, the lotus blooms with unparalleled beauty. Once the sun sets, it submerges in the murky river but miraculously blooms again the next day.  A Lotus Flower pendant would be a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one who has been through tricky times.

Om Symbol

The Om symbol is believed to represent the power of being infinite and is a sacred sound.  Wearing the symbol promotes a calming of the senses, relieves tension and generates awakening.  Perfect for yoga enthusiasts or anyone who wants to have a deep connection to the world around them.


Originally considered a symbol of power by philosophers like Plato, the skull became popular as a “memento mori”—a reminder of mortality. It represents the natural circle of life and is a prompt to make the most of the present.  In the 1960s, the symbol of the skull was embraced by bikers and rock stars and, today, is just as popular with celebrities and fashion icons.  The skull symbol is a little dangerous, a little tough, and stylishly edgy.


Representing wanderlust and adventure, this is an ideal gift for someone who loves to travel, particularly as it invites the recipient to ‘step together’.


The anchor symbolises safety and security, hope and steadfastness. 


In medieval and modern heraldry, the spread wings of an eagle symbolises the protector.  Embodying far-sightedness and immortality, the eagle also indicates bravery and the strength of character to push yourself to your limits.


The wolf represents intelligence, loyalty and freedom and also the ability to trust instinct and intuition.


Dragons feature in cultures throughout the world.  A Chinese dragon represents strength, fortune, and good health while legend holds Celtic dragons to be powerful guardians of the secrets of the universe.  In Norse culture, the dragon represents strength but also danger and destruction.  Following the success of ‘Game of Thrones’, dragons are more popular than ever and are a great choice to symbolise strength with a hint of danger.


The king of the beasts represents strength, power and the ability to survive.

If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or want to treat yourself to a piece of jewellery that really connects to you, explore our full range of high quality, sterling silver pendants.

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