Jewellery Gift Ideas for Women

With nights drawing in and Christmas lights and decorations going up, it is time to decide what the women in your life might like for Christmas. After such a turbulent year, finding a special gift means just that little bit more, so give yourself plenty of time to source the perfect surprise for your partner, daughter, friend or other loved ones. Just by paying attention to her sense of style, which may or may not have changed since our entire world was thrown off centre due to the pandemic, you can pick up little hints as to what jewellery piece could complement her desired look.

Hints and tips before you focus your search

A few other little hints and tips to consider before investing time in choosing the jewellery item itself include remembering and looking out for her complimenting other pieces, whether in person or in a magazine or on television. Looking through the browsing history of shared devices! This might seem a little voyeuristic, but a cursory search for jewellery in the browsing history can be quite illuminating. Perhaps she has an interest in birth stones or gemstones in general. Knowing what her favourite colours and types of gemstones are can be a vital tool in your armoury! Finally is she more of a silver and white gold or a traditional gold person? All of these tips can help set you on the right track.

Specific ideas

Once you feel like you have a decent grasp of what she might like in terms style, type of metal and/or precious stones, it’s time to decide on jewellery type.

A matching set

There’s nothing like ticking more than one box at the same time and getting a matching set can be an excellent way to achieve this. Take a look at this stunning matching pendant and earring set in silver with turquoise inset gemstones. It’s sleek, modern and has a touch of hippy chic with the gorgeous gemstones, so will be great for women who like a combination look. You also need to consider how and when the jewellery you choose can be worn and this set will be equally at home with casual and office wear, for those Team Meetings or Zoom conferences!

Silver bangles

Silver jewellery is a timeless classic that complements any outfit from special occasion to relaxed, every day wear. Choose a statement piece or stack and layer chains and bangles to develop an individual look.  A silver bangle is a classic piece that suits all ages and styles and but is often missing from jewellery collections. Something with a bit of a twist and point of difference could make for a great gift idea, like this Silver Lotus Bangle.

Pearl necklaces

While you might think of classic Hollywood movies and feel like pearl necklaces are things of the past, the truth is quite opposite! There are a wonderful array of very distinct pearl necklaces to suit all tastes. Take a look, you might find the perfect gift.