Silver Jewellery Trends for Spring

Silver Jewellery Trends for Spring

Spring has arrived!  It’s time to start going out and looking and feeling good again!  What better way to lift your spirits and update your wardrobe than to treat yourself to some gorgeous on trend silver jewellery.

Jewellery trends change from year to year, with timeless classics embracing fresh and exciting inspiration from the catwalk and editorial trends.  In 2022, chunky, solid silver bangles, statement rings, spinning stress relief rings and layered sterling silver chains are going to be key looks. 

Chunky Statement Rings

Layering your rings was very much a look for spring/summer 2022, and this trend is set to continue right through 2022 with a slight twist. This time, the chunkier and more statement the rings, the better. 

Edgy and individual, think Billie Eilish, Maluma and Lenny Kravitz and combine punk, biker, steampunk, and rock influences.  This trend works well with plain, understated garments where the jewellery makes the statement.

Stress Relief Spinning Rings

Originally used by Tibetan monks to aid meditation, spinning rings are perfect for the stresses and strains of modern life – they look fantastic too.  With plain spinning bands and Celtic designs to elephants , Om symbols and infinity rings, layer up to match your individual style.

Solid Silver Bangles

Following celebrity and catwalk trends, men are rocking the silver bangle look.  From strong solid silver plain torque bangles to Celtic braid designs and edgier, statement dragon bangles and skull bangles, men are enhancing their individual style.

Women’s silver bangles are also on trend.  From chunky statement silver cuffs worn with single colour blocks to gorgeous, braided bangles accessorising your favourite skinny jeans and oversized jumper.

Sterling Silver Chain Necklaces and Chain Bracelets

Classic but versatile, silver chain necklaces and silver chain bracelets have made a big comeback.  Wear a heavy silver curb chain with a dress and heels for a contradictory edge or layer figaro and curb chains for a punky, rebellious look. 

For that professional style or a much-needed night out, a single, classic curb chain teamed with an Oxford or polo shirt is a great look for men.  

Whatever your look, get ready to start feeling good again!

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