Affordable Jewellery Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

Christmas is just around the corner but there is still time to find that special gift for a loved one. There is nothing quite like a beautiful piece of jewellery that lets those close to you know that they are in your thoughts and mean a great deal to you. For most of us, there has been no Christmas in living memory where that message has been so prescient.

First of all, let’s look at Christmas gifts for men. Choosing jewellery for men can be rather tricky but this fantastic range of mens silver bangles is sure to feature at least one that would suit the man in question. Wearable and classic, a silver bangle complements most looks from contemporary minimalist, to rock or biker style image or a more relaxed style. There really is a bangle for everyone and many men don’t actually own such a piece, so it could be a really unique gift to be appreciated for years to come.

The series 'Normal People' has led to the resurgence of the classic chain for men.  Check out this range of stunning sterling silver chains which combines quality and contemporary trend.  There are designs for all tastes, from heavy duty curb chains and the bohemian Bali chain to snake chains ideal for wearing with a sterling silver pendant. Classic, Italian sterling silver chains that deliver the 'Connell Waldron' look.  There are pieces for all budgets, from £15 upwards and the quality of the sterling silver craftsmanship is highly impressive.

Moving on to jewellery gift ideas for women and there is a real resurgence in the popularity and demand for pearl necklaces. There are some really great and highly diverse choices on the market. Perhaps when thinking of pearl necklaces, you immediately think of that classic off-white colour, but just look at the vibrant array of colours that you can choose from. This stunning black freshwater pearl necklace is so in keeping with many contemporary looks, from a more gothic style through to the kind of edgy look offered by the All Saints brand. Multi-coloured options brighten any outfit and of course there is always a place for the classic pearl necklace.

With many of us having found a greater connection to the natural world during lockdown there is certainly room for pieces of jewellery that provide a way to feel that connection in tangible form. This beautiful collection of gemstone earrings is a great example of carrying a piece of the natural world around with you. The choice of gemstones offers some truly magical examples, that all look great with the silver grounding. They are a cut above the average silver gemstone earrings you are likely to see in shops and the quality of craftsmanship will ensure your gift is well-received.